I took my first ever yoga class a few weeks ago with Rachel, and I came out quite impressed. Rachel is extremely well-adverse in the art of yoga. I had no idea of what to expect, and Rachel, being the superb teacher she is, took the time to explain the finer details of the moves. She also went at a pace which made me very comfortable. I’m happy to report that I have signed on for 4 more lessons beginning in April.

– M. Joe Fleming ~ Colchester, VT

I’ve been going to Rachel’s weekly yoga classes at the Edge for about 4 months now and I LOVE it! I love her attitude, the vibe of the class, and how I feel when I walk out of the studio. Typically I would hop around from one yoga class to another. Rachel is the first teacher I’ve started going to on a regular basis and it’s so nice to have someone know you’re name and to make a connection with. Rachel provides a safe and comfortable environment to explore your breath and journey with yoga. Whether you want to explore a new pose or take it easy that day, you feel supported. She even takes the time to walk around the studio and provide different tips and tricks that have proven very helpful both in and out of the studio. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking to explore and deepen their love of yoga.

– Brittany L. ~ South Burlington, VT

Rachel leads a very mindful and challenging class meeting each individual at their level. She listens to clients’ needs, wants, and expectations and works to satisfy and accommodate each, which is a gift. I love her Yoga for Runners class as it has helped me to stave off injury, keep training stress free and fun. I highly recommend Rachel and encourage everyone to try a class!

– Jenn H. ~ Essex, VT

Rachel designed an at-home yoga program for me that was custom tailored to my needs and lifestyle. She not only provided a relaxing, fun, instructive 1:1 session to review her program, but also had the program printed out (with photos and brief descriptions of each pose) for me to take home at session’s end. Her in-home studio, where one can practice inside or out, is welcoming and serene. Rachel clearly listened to what I was hoping to get out of the session and exceeded my expectations in every way. I’ve also worked with Rachel in small group yoga classes and highly recommend her in that setting as well. From the flow of her class, to the lovely guided meditation at the end, yoga with Rachel is a gift to delight in.

– Caroline W. ~ Essex, VT

LOVE Rachel’s Gentle Yoga classes! She offers a consistent routine of breathing/stretching, always with optional variations. She does an excellent job describing, while demonstrating the poses and the coordinated breathing. She explains slowly and clearly each step of each pose, making it very easy to follow along. New challenges are regularly presented. She stresses the importance of listening to your own body.

Rachel’s classes are a significant part of my week.

– Lee H. ~ Burlington, VT

I’m partway through the Yoga for Runners class for the winter session. I’m really enjoying the class (and I’m not much for group classes); Rachel is a great teacher – good sense of humor, patient, offers several options for each pose. I leave the class feeling much more flexible and peaceful than when I arrived. Many thanks for offering such a convenient spot, great class and wonderful teacher!

– Allison W. ~ Westford, VT

I am not a “Yoga person” but I attended Rachel’s Yoga for Runners clinic yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. Clearly targeted to us runners, very accessible to Yoga newbies (like myself), and she gave great handouts with ideas that you could easily work into your home stretching/warmup. Definitely a great program!

– Alexis D. ~ Essex Junction, VT

Loved the class today. I will definitely try to make as many of your classes that I can. I try to do a yoga class twice a week-the instructor totally makes the class and you are a terrific one!!! LOOOVED it! Thanks again!

– June G. ~ Grand Isle, VT


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