Yoga for Kids at SoulShine

 Saturday, December 10th
1:00-2:00 p.m.
80 degrees
Cost: $15.00; preregistration & prepayment required*

*Please create a separate account for your minor to sign them up!

Sign up here. 


Games, games, games!
Who doesn’t love games, especially if you are a kid?
In this class we will explore fun techniques for decompressing, learning how to reduce stress. We will practice active poses (both individual and partner), balance work, breath work, and relaxation, all in an amusing and entertaining setting.
The temperature will be about 80 degrees to help muscles relax. This class is best suited for those aged 7-9, however age is only a suggestion.
Absolutely all levels are welcome!
Please wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.  All participants are encouraged to bring their own mat, water bottle, and hand towel.
(Mats are available for use with donation.)

Winter Wellness Package

Give the nurturing gift of self-care and relaxation to your loved ones this holiday season, all while keeping it local. Angie Ferenc (of Vermont Counseling & Therapy, LLC) and I are excited to offer our Winter Wellness Package at the discounted price of $150 (normally $175) in honor of Small Business Saturday. This package includes: a 1 hr private yoga session w/Rachel Lacourciere, E-RYT, CLYT & a 1 hr private mindfulness session including aromatherapy with Angie Ferenc, MA LCMHC for up to two people. Private sessions provide the opportunity to explore and experience one’s practice more deeply and are uniquely personalized to fit each individual’s own needs. This package is perfect for both beginners looking to start their practice, as well as those wanting to deepen their practice. During each session, we will identify personal needs, questions and concerns while determining ways to best use of our time together.  Mindfulness and yoga sessions can be combined for a restorative afternoon of self-care or booked separately at participant’s convenience.  Please contact me to purchase or if you have any additional questions or concerns.

April Beginner/Gentle Yoga Series

I’ll be teaching a Beginners Yoga Series at Peace of Mind Pilates (next to Purple Sage, Cody’s, and Mimmos) throughout April. Please share this post and pass along to those you may know who have been hesitant in starting a yoga practice. Also, perfect for those looking to understand the basics of yoga. $40 for the 4 week series.

You can sign up online at: or contact me if you would like to pre-register and reserve your spot.

Mondays, 11:00am – 12:00pm
4 Week Series in April
Why Yoga? And more importantly, what can it do for me specifically? Yoga is translated from Sanskrit to mean, union, and unlike stretching, yoga is more than just the physical postures one takes during a practice. It’s the connection (or union) of the physical practice to the mind and breath, that allow us to release tension we hold onto often times without even realizing it. While most recognize that by doing yoga their bodies will become more flexible, many do not realize their mind will as well, fostering an awareness of our own body and how it reacts to your everyday environment. In our Beginner’s Yoga Series, we will explore this linking of the body to our mind and breath. As well as, identifying foundational yoga concepts and where your body fits into your own practice. All levels welcome.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to pre-register.

Highlights from October


I have come to realize I am better at posting on my social media sites than I am at posting to my blog as of late.  For this reason I am going to start a monthly compilation of some of my favorite posts from other social media sites throughout the previous month.  I recognize that not as many of you who follow my blog see the tidbits I post elsewhere.  Please leave me feedback and enjoy!

~ The divine in me salutes the divine in you.  Namaste ~ 

Early in the month I hosted another Yoga for Runners Workshop at SoulShine Power Yoga.  We had a great showing for this workshop and I look forward to hosting more as we move into the spring months.

I love posting client photos and within a couple days I had two different pictures sent to me of Legs Up the Wall pose. On the left, we have Melissa, using the headboard of the bed in her hotel room to rest her legs against after her half marathon…this pose is a wonderful gentle inversion for improving circulation and reducing swelling that can result after a hard run.  And on the right, we have Caleb, who was flying across country and when stuck in an airport used the post to keep lose prior to his Spartan race as it stretches the hamstrings and relieves back tension.

I had so much fun at my official first all teen yoga w12074836_955858364476067_752467091084005770_norkshop.  These 7 aspiring yoginis demonstrated flexibility, strength, patience, and were open to all I introduced them too!








And we were all treated to a short but remarkably beautiful fall foliage season.  Here are some images I took driving home from a client’s house in Charlotte in mid-October.  Beautiful color!


We also had a very sad day at the Lacourciere household as we closed our v12039412_962066340521936_3872004358151375462_negetable garden for the season. Here we paid tribute to the last of the radishes that were dug up in late October.




Remember yoga is everywhere and becomes a part of everything we do when we are open to all it has to offer.  Each month brings us both opportunities to practice on our mat as well as off.

Every New Adventure Begins with Goodbye

It is with somewhat of a heavy heart that I am posting today to inform all of you of my resignation from Group Fit classes at The EDGE. My last day will be 11/12/15. I will however, continue to teach private sessions as part of the Personal Training department of The EDGE. These sessions are held individually, with couples, or in small groups. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities please contact me for further information.

Please know the past few weeks have been a difficult time for me as I deliberated the direction of my yoga path and whether it would be best served staying with the EDGE’s Group Fit Department or moving onto new opportunities with private clients.

I can assure you that The EDGE is actively working on finding a replacement as they have no intention of cancelling these existing classes. The plan is to continue offering them at the same day, same time, same location, just with a different teacher.

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined me through my years at The EDGE. It is the personal relationships we have established and fostered that have made this such a difficult decision. Please know that each of these connections, with all of you, have also helped me grow and learn more than you and I both will likely ever know.

Goodbye, for now, in this capacity…remembering that every new adventure begins with goodbye.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

My Interview with Does It Fit? Lifestyle Program

If you have an extra half hour, check out this interview I did last week with Megan Waite of the Does It Fit? Lifestyle Program. What a great opportunity to talk about what yoga has meant and continues to mean to me through the years and more importantly why I am committed to bringing it to others.

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.


The interview can be heard here:

DIF logo

Delight and De-stress in Dolphin Pose

For many of us, January presents an opportunity to begin again, writing a new chapter for ourselves whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually. It is a chance to reset and renew from the hustle and bustle the holidays can bring. On a yoga level, that may mean finding poses that help promote self-care and wellness.  I recently came across Oscar Insurance, a new company providing health insurance in New York and New Jersey. The value they place on making sure their members are proactive about their health prompted me to think about how I can do the same through my yoga practice.

About fifteen years ago, I spent some time in Freemantle, Australia. One of my favorite memories is relaxing on the beach and watching the dolphins play offshore. These moments hold simplicity for me and for the dolphins I was lucky enough to share them with. I was at peace, there was no agenda and there was no place I had to be, except in that very moment. I believe it was the same for the dolphins. They seemed delighted to be in the water, showing off for all of us on land. Their movements were easy and they loved being right there.

As a result, I think one of my preferred poses to introduce to clients is Dolphin pose. This relaxing, rejuvenating pose can be the key to resetting your mind and reducing stress. Unlike other inversion poses, dolphin does not necessarily require intense flexibility and strength to achieve. Similar to Downdog pose, except your forearms are grounded on the mat, rather than your hands.


Why use it?

Since the heart is higher than the head in this pose, as with all inversions, it is said to relax the brain, which can also help to relieve stress. This pose restores blood back to the heart as it stretches and strengthens the spine, neck and shoulders. It also stretches the hamstrings and calves, if legs are extended and not bent. Gentle inversions, like Dolphin pose, can also help to reduce high blood pressure when practiced over time because as you invert you are actually deceiving your body into lowering your blood pressure as the pressure increases in your head and neck. Furthermore, this pose can help reduce hot flashes in women experiencing menopause as blood pressure is lowered, stabilizing energy levels. On the other hand, if you are looking to strengthen your upper body and core for my more advanced inversions, Dolphin pose is an ideal starting point.


Photo Credit: Melissa Brott Photography

Photo Credit: Melissa Brott Photography

How to get into it

From tabletop, or all fours, bring your elbows and forearms to the ground, gazing between your elbows. On an exhale breath, lift your knees away from the mat, either keeping them bent to protect your hamstrings or straighten through the back of your legs as you would in a Downdog pose. If you notice rounding in your shoulders, bend in your knees as you focus on pressing your torso back towards your thighs. Think of your chest reaching towards your toes as your head reaches down towards the mat. Do not allow your head to press down into the mat, as it could cause undue stress on your neck. Attempt to hold the pose for 5 breaths, if not longer, recognizing you build stamina over time.


Key tip

Dolphin pose can also be used as a wonderful modification for Downdog pose, if you are looking to protect your wrists.


~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~