Winter Wellness Package

Give the nurturing gift of self-care and relaxation to your loved ones this holiday season, all while keeping it local. Angie Ferenc (of Vermont Counseling & Therapy, LLC) and I are excited to offer our Winter Wellness Package at the discounted price of $150 (normally $175) in honor of Small Business Saturday. This package includes: a 1 hr private yoga session w/Rachel Lacourciere, E-RYT, CLYT & a 1 hr private mindfulness session including aromatherapy with Angie Ferenc, MA LCMHC for up to two people. Private sessions provide the opportunity to explore and experience one’s practice more deeply and are uniquely personalized to fit each individual’s own needs. This package is perfect for both beginners looking to start their practice, as well as those wanting to deepen their practice. During each session, we will identify personal needs, questions and concerns while determining ways to best use of our time together.  Mindfulness and yoga sessions can be combined for a restorative afternoon of self-care or booked separately at participant’s convenience.  Please contact me to purchase or if you have any additional questions or concerns.


April Beginner/Gentle Yoga Series

I’ll be teaching a Beginners Yoga Series at Peace of Mind Pilates (next to Purple Sage, Cody’s, and Mimmos) throughout April. Please share this post and pass along to those you may know who have been hesitant in starting a yoga practice. Also, perfect for those looking to understand the basics of yoga. $40 for the 4 week series.

You can sign up online at: or contact me if you would like to pre-register and reserve your spot.

Mondays, 11:00am – 12:00pm
4 Week Series in April
Why Yoga? And more importantly, what can it do for me specifically? Yoga is translated from Sanskrit to mean, union, and unlike stretching, yoga is more than just the physical postures one takes during a practice. It’s the connection (or union) of the physical practice to the mind and breath, that allow us to release tension we hold onto often times without even realizing it. While most recognize that by doing yoga their bodies will become more flexible, many do not realize their mind will as well, fostering an awareness of our own body and how it reacts to your everyday environment. In our Beginner’s Yoga Series, we will explore this linking of the body to our mind and breath. As well as, identifying foundational yoga concepts and where your body fits into your own practice. All levels welcome.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to pre-register.

Baby It’s Still Cold Outside…

An old entry, but reposting for those who may have missed it the first time around. Given that is was fifteen below when we got up this morning, it can’t hurt to find any way to stay warm this winter…

Niyama Yoga VT

Honestly, it should be cold this time of year in Vermont.  Yet, the mild winter we have been experiencing (those who do not ski read this “enjoying”) has made the recent drop in temperature a little more dramatic.  While I understand where I live and that the cold often implies snow and therefore great skiing, it doesn’t make keeping a solid yoga practice any easier for me.

The importance of heat during any yoga practice should never be overlooked.  Warming the body through heat and a proper warm-up sequence helps to prevent injury.  Beginning in a previously warmed room allows your warm-up sequence to heat your body from within, gradually increasing blood circulation and allowing muscles to gently loosen and prepare for more challenging poses.

But as I said, given where I live, heat is not always on my side.  At times, bringing additional energy to my practice becomes


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