Yoga for Kids at SoulShine

 Saturday, December 10th
1:00-2:00 p.m.
80 degrees
Cost: $15.00; preregistration & prepayment required*

*Please create a separate account for your minor to sign them up!

Sign up here. 


Games, games, games!
Who doesn’t love games, especially if you are a kid?
In this class we will explore fun techniques for decompressing, learning how to reduce stress. We will practice active poses (both individual and partner), balance work, breath work, and relaxation, all in an amusing and entertaining setting.
The temperature will be about 80 degrees to help muscles relax. This class is best suited for those aged 7-9, however age is only a suggestion.
Absolutely all levels are welcome!
Please wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.  All participants are encouraged to bring their own mat, water bottle, and hand towel.
(Mats are available for use with donation.)

2 comments on “Yoga for Kids at SoulShine

  1. Nancy Wible says:

    Rachel where are you teaching gentle yoga

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