Vayu Mudra

It is with a heavy heart that I post this entry. Just hours ago I learned of the death of my uncle who motivated me to compose this piece, as he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last Monday. My intention was to discuss it with him before I officially posted to my blog. While I am no longer able to share it with him, my hope is that one of you will be able to benefit from it.

Today I will have strength and breath…

Finding opportunities to incorporate yoga in our lives can seem difficult if we don’t maintain a physical practice, when in actuality possibilities continually surround us. For example, I recently learned that one of my uncles has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This degenerative disorder affects the nerves, causing uncontrollable shaking of a person’s head, body and limbs. Not knowing nearly enough about Parkinson’s, I began to research its symptoms and development. An important fact is that it is progressive, meaning that it will get worse over time; typically taking several years to advance.

This one key fact stood out to me and led me to research if a mudra existed that could help with the trembling, as the illness advanced in my uncle. Mudras are hand gestures that allow you to elicit a deep inner wave of power into your practice; whether it be yoga on your mat or the practice of yoga in everyday life. Sure enough, my inquiry led me to Vayu Mudra.

In Sanskrit, vayu means air. Therefore, it is believed that the uncontrollable trembling caused by Parkinson’s disease is the result of the accumulation of air within the body. By practicing Vayu Mudra air is removed from the stomach, bringing the body back in balance.

Vayu Mudra

By practicing Vayu Mudra air is removed from the stomach, bringing the body back in balance.

To practice this mudra,fold your index finger against the base of your thumb and then press your thumb on your index finger; remaining fingers stretch out straight.Hold the mudra until the pain has subsided. Since this mudra removes accumulated air from the body, it is also effective in helping those with arthritis or other wind-based aches and pains.

While a mudra may not be able to stop the progression of my uncle’s Parkinson’s disease, knowing there is an option to put some of the control back into his own hands (literally!), allowing him to regain command over his body, is a chance for comfort in learning how yoga truly encircles us all.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~


10 comments on “Vayu Mudra

  1. Cathy Lortie says:

    That is beautiful that you sought this out, and I’m sure your post will reach someone. As for me, I found your blog through a Yoga Vermont / Kathy McNames post and it called to me.
    Thank you, and know that your effort is not in vain.

  2. Hi fellow Yogi,

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    We invite you to share your story.

    We believe now more than ever the world needs to hear about the healing power of yoga. Please help us to spread the light…and the healing.

    The Yoga Diaries

  3. Kathy Rinehart-Hansen says:

    Thanks for the information about Parkinson’s disease. I have recently been studying the book Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstien. I have been able to stop tremors by clearing my chakras and opening areas of blocked energy. I try to practice the daily energy warm up each day to balance my energy. Check out Donna Eden Energy Medicine on YOU tube.

  4. Robert Singh says:

    Very practical information on vayu Murdra . Thanks. Namaste

  5. Raj says:

    thank you for the information..i have the problem of shaking head..and is uncontrollable.
    i dont know whether it will work or not.but surely i will practice from today onwards

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